Behold, the answers to all your R6S questions.

What makes R6S different than other digital marketing agencies?

R6S offers an integrated approach that combines web design, development, SEO, digital advertising, social media, online public relations, graphic design, viral marketing, artificial intelligence in marketing and content marketing. All these disciplines affect each other, and using them collaboratively helps you leverage your brand’s online efforts and produces the best results.

What is an R6S Coterie?

We like to call your customized solution an R6S Coterie. Many traditional and digital marketing and advertising agencies specialize in just one avenue of promotion. PR firms, advertising agencies, and branding companies offer lists of “services”, “rate cards”, or “packages”. Your solution is more than just an impersonal list that could be provided to anyone. Ours is an exclusive partnership that caters to your individual aspirations. It is a union between your experts and our digital marketing specialists, to create an impeccable internet marketing experience unlike others.

What’s with the name R6S?

It’s a homophone. Say it fast. R6S = our success. Our name is about our promise to you, our client, as we are in this together. It is about our combined success that results when we join forces.

Who founded R6S?

R6S was founded by Ash Sobhe. He is an entrepreneur who focuses on inspiring and helping others to succeed. He is a pioneer in the tech industry and a sought-after public speaker.

What does it mean when you say you are creating a “digital uprising”?

We’re a digital marketing agency with a keen focus on delivering unmatched results. With the use of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence in marketing, we give our elite list of clients a huge advantage over their competition. Those who join us are part of our mission. Because we take a different, avant-garde approach to digital marketing, we are disruptors in our industry. Therefore, it is a digital uprising, and we’d love to have you join us!

How will R6S work with our brand?

Think you know your target demographic? Think again. R6S delves into the core of what makes consumers click. We’ll engage them on a sophisticated level using a proprietary blend of psychology, science and technology. Don’t worry, we won’t dare let your brand blend in with the oblivious masses. With R6S, you’ll break away from ordinary with unique campaigns and strategies based on your goals.

How much does it cost to retain R6S?

Our pricing structure is based on the size of your business and how much you want to grow. Contact our digital marketing agency and let’s talk.

Will you just do our SEO?

Sure, but SEO is one component of what you need for a competitive website. R6S specializes in an integrated marketing approach. Do you know your content and blog have a major impact on your SEO? Do you realize your public relations strategy is also an SEO strategy? And don’t get us started on how social media signals are a must for your SEO! We’re telling you, don’t be like your competitors who compartmentalize their internet marketing. It all works in tandem and that exquisite blend is what R6S does best. When we do it for you, you will dominate your industry. Period.

Can R6S design our new website?

Not only will we build your website, we’re going to do it while putting your SEO silos in place—most of your competition has no idea what that even means! We’re going to implement artificial intelligence to capture your customer’s preferences so we can conduct sophisticated marketing and retargeting strategies. In the end, your website is going to be a sleek machine ready to command your customers’ attention like never before.

How do I know if our business is eligible for an R6S Coterie?

The R6S philosophy states that less is best. Because we have a small, exclusive slate of clients, we’re able provide each with the distinctive care to make them successful. In other words, as long as our dance card isn’t full, we may be able to work with you. To find out if your brand is a match, please contact us.

How many clients do you accept?

We have a short list of clients who get the premium R6S Coterie treatment. For newer brands and smaller projects, we’re able to satisfy your needs with R6S Light—a digital marketing service that introduces your business to the innovative digital marketing strategies that only R6S delivers.

What are the first steps in working with R6S?

Call us to discuss. And we’d love to have you stop by, too. We’re friendly and helpful and will pour you a cappuccino as we strategize with you.

What makes online marketing better than traditional marketing?

It is a pull vs. push mentality. Traditional advertising consists of messages that are “pushed” on people. Think of listening to your favorite radio station, or watching a network TV show—the commercials are pushed in front of you whether you like it or not. Our online environment has created a paradigm shift in the way advertising is done. Through SEO, social media and content marketing, consumers “pull” brands to them. They are in control of the advertising messages they wish to receive. This philosophical change is what makes online marketing so much more powerful than traditional media.

Is it too late for brands who haven’t embraced the Internet yet? Has that ship already sailed?

Absolutely not. You might be late to the party, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. Technology is constantly changing, which means you may actually have an advantage over your competition if you are just getting started now. For example, your new website will have the latest modern features compared to their three-year old site. Your online marketing strategies will use the latest in artificial intelligence in marketing technology while theirs are likely behind the times. But don’t wait, the time to act is now so you don’t fall further behind.

Social media can’t be taken seriously by marketers, can it? There’s no real value in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever these young whippersnappers are into these days, right?

Social media is actually more popular and converts better than traditional media. If you truly feel this way, then you are probably not a good candidate to join our digital uprising. But keep in mind, your competition probably is.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

We’re pretty sure they do.

How does consumer behavior impact the way R6S does business?

We believe in observing, tracking, and monitoring consumer behavior to deliver the most targeted audiences and approach possible for our clients. We utilize big data as part of our strategy that involves artificial intelligence in marketing.

What is R6S’ favorite color?

We’re partial to the gold hue you see on our website and logo. What’s yours?

What online trends do you predict for the future?

We foresee a convergence between people and devices that goes even beyond wearables. The future is exciting, and R6S is on the front lines leading the charge as it pertains to marketers and online advertisers.

How can I join the R6S’ digital uprising if I’m not a client?

Follow us on our social media pages and sign up to receive our Insights Newsletter.

If R6S had three wishes, what would they be?

A more harmonious world. For our leaders to understand all that technology offers so it can be utilized properly. For everyone to find their own happiness and create their own brand of success.