Viral Marketing

Need the Ultimate Online Exposure? Then Get Ready to Go Viral

Viral marketing is the most desirable form of online promotion. Like catching lightning in a bottle, a successful viral campaign can give you more exposure than ever imagined.

The trick is, crafting an engaging, entertaining, shareable piece of viral content that also captures your brand. It is a balancing act that few have successfully mastered.

Let R6S turn your brand into viral gold. We strategize your goals, get wickedly-creative, and give you the best opportunity to make your message go viral when we create your R6S Coterie. Let’s talk about how we can make your viral dreams come true.

Viral Marketing with R6S Includes:

  • Viral Content Creation
  • Written Articles
  • Viral Video Production
  • Infographic Creation
  • Memes and Social Media Graphics
  • Connecting with Influencers and Tastemakers
  • Coverage from Top Websites
  • Viral Content Aggregator Distribution
  • Blogger Network Distribution
  • Propagating Social Media with Viral Content
  • Hashtag Creation and Optimization
  • Viral Commercial Production
  • Viral App Development
  • Viral Marketing and Public Relations Integration
  • Guerilla Viral Marketing Activation
  • Celebrity Gifting Suites
  • Promoted Tweets and Hashtags
  • Celebrity Shout Outs and Online Reviews
  • Viral Marketing Campaign Strategy