How R6S Builds Your Brand

At R6S we believe that your brand — whether it is your corporate brand, a product brand, a service brand, or a personal brand — is the fundamental core of your marketing. All your advertising, public relations, social media, and website aesthetics are based on your brand. Your brand is you, and we take you very seriously.

Our approach to branding involves getting to know your style, what you like, how you want to have your brand positioned on the market, and what sets you apart. After all, we want you to break away from ordinary.

When you’re ready to launch your Coterie with R6S, our first steps will be to define your brand. Whether you are an established business in need of a little fine-tuning, or a start-up getting ready to launch, our expert brand marketers will design a look and feel that makes others stand back and take notice.

Specific R6S Branding Services Include the Creation of:

  • Brand Bible
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Promise
  • Color Pallet Design
  • Consumer Profiles
  • Stylizing Images
  • Graphic Design of Branded Content
  • Slogan and Taglines
  • Positioning Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy Guides
  • Deluxe Coffee Table Brand Bible Book