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R6S is a Business Accelerator and a Teaching Institution for entrepreneurs. Whether you own an 8 figure business or just getting started, R6S has something for you. We focus our attention on building community through three platforms. Each area is a key component to help our community succeed in business and life. 

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R6S Accelerator

R6S Accelerator

If your business is not doing as well as you know it should, we’d love to partner with you. For 18-36 months we will receive 6-8% of the revenue to help your business with Marketing Strategy, Mentorship, and Money Management. There is a peer advisory group of CEOs to support you. And quarterly in-depth review of your business' progress.

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R6S School

R6S School

We teach our students about success, money, entrepreneurship, and personal development in two ways: Online Classes and Private One-On-One Training. Our Private Training is $250 per hour with a 100% money-back guarantee. By the end of your session, if you are not fully satisfied we will refund your money completely.

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Ash Sobhe, Kristi Sobhe, Bryan Nunez

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We provide a lot of free content via our DocuSeries and our Podcast. But some of you wanted more. You wanted to see the inner workings of our business, exclusive training videos, live training. And some of you just wanted to support us and our community work. This is why we created the R6S Tribe for you!

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At R6S we push the boundaries of possibility

Our team is dedicated to lifting our community one person, one business at a time.

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Every business owner and entrepreneur needs someone who can take them farther than they can go alone.

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