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It starts with a comprehensive analysis of your demographic. Then we craft your web presence to tell your unique story. Think beyond logo design and font styles, your brand is YOU, and R6S knows how to turn YOU into a digital rock star.
Website Development and Design
Imagine your sleek, modern website with contemporary features like parallax scrolling and mobile responsiveness. Optimized for SEO, content, social media and more, you’ll be the envy of your industry with wickedly-creative R6S designs.
The cornerstone of all online marketing hinges on SEO. When they come looking for you, it means they want you, and are five times more likely to convert. There’s a reason R6S’ SEO strategies win awards. And if you ask nice, maybe—just maybe—we’ll tell you the secret formula.
Content Marketing
You’ve heard content is king, at R6S, it is actually more like the unifying ring that rules them all. Being a part of our digital uprising means creating and distributing content that lures them in. Everyone is doing content marketing, but only R6S truly knows how to break you away from ordinary.
Social Media
More powerful than TV, outdoor, radio and print combined, social media is where your demographic lives, eats and watches cat videos. R6S goes beyond the basics and strategically educates your consumer through intelligent social strategies. We’re dancing on the convergence between creativity and technology — come tango with us.
Public Relations
R6S offers a one-of-a kind integrated approach to PR. A savory blend of content, SEO, web design, and influencer marketing, we know how to pull the media to you. Get noticed when you implement an R6S Coterie. And trust us, this isn’t your grandpa’s brand of PR, this is digital PR done right.
We make it work. Period. With up to the hour adjusting and strategizing, your online advertising will surpass basic PPC. We drive conversions with a proprietary blend of tools designed to increase your return on investment. Go beyond retargeting and boosted posts, let R6S outsmart your competition and maximize the effects of your ad dollars.
While there are many out-of-the box platforms that allow you to do it yourself, the truth is you need an ecommerce integration that suits your unique product selection. R6S evaluates your business’ sales pipeline, your user experience, your conversion strategy, and all the coding requirements and plugins you need to have an ecommerce platform that’s perfectly suited to your unique business goals. You’ll stand out, not blend in with a cookie cutter website like everyone else.
Viral Marketing
Like chasing a mystical creature, viral marketing can be an unobtainable dream to most companies. Trust us, viral content doesn’t happen by luck or chance, an intelligent viral strategy can give you the results you crave. Whether you need personal branding, a viral message created, or video content produced, we know how to get your brand noticed. Let R6S wrangle unicorns for you, we know exactly how to tame them.

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R6S specializes in web design, site development, social media, digital PR, SEO, online advertising, viral marketing, digital branding, content marketing and graphic design. Our holistic approach to online marketing utilizes the digital techniques that are right for your brand.

Located in Los Angeles, R6S delivers award-winning results that have been recognized with top honors. Will your company be next?

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R6S is an award-winning online marketing firm honored with some of the top recognitions in the world of creative digital marketing and advertising.